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A statement from population registers
Short description:
Person by means of payment of state fee is that the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to request and receive messages from the population register for herself, her minor child (up to 18 years), a person under guardianship or trusteeship, as well as on the basis of the substantiated request of other persons, accompanied by a certifying document and stated reasons for the purpose of the use of a legal news.
Information regarding a person, his minor child, a person under guardianship or custody of the actual address of the declared place of residence shall be issued by the Office, as well as local government, if person's place of residence is declared or registered in accordance with the relevant self-government administrative territory.
Individual, Any person, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
A person who has a legal basis to receive information from population registers.
Maximum duration (days):
Message delivery deadlines laid down in Regulation No. 391 MK 14.07.2015, Regulations Regarding State Fee for the receipt of information from a population register "2.3, Sub-paragraphs 2.7 and 2.5.


In considering the request, the Authority shall respond within a reasonable period of time, but not later than within a month.

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1. solis / Service requests
Onsite service may require, by post or electronically.
Submit a substantiated submission, as well as the copy of a document certifying a payment. If the certificate is requested within 1 working days, payment may be made by the Office of the on site with a payment card.
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