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Registration of children 1 in Liepaja.
Short description:
The child's legal representative have the opportunity to apply for the Liepaja City Council to replace the general educational institution founded in 1 and on the spot, and electronically.
Legal representatives of the child – one of the parents of a child or a person who is a plenipotentiary to represent the child's rights.
Maximum duration (days):
Registration begins at 09:00 in the first Monday of February each year, when the 30 calendar days during their children's register both electronically and on the spot. Parents who have not been able to register their children in the 30 days, then registration will be able to operate only on the spot
Process description
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1. solis / Service requests
1. If a parent wants their children in 1. class filed electronically, it needs to meet the electronic application of the city of Liepaja educational administration internet site “”.
a. Enables you to authenticate using eID card, banking or e-signature authentication features.
(b. When submitting an application, you must enter information about the parents, children and three training institutions in the order of priority (two authorities is mandatory, but the third body – optional). Plenipotentiary person in the system will need to upload a document certifying the right to represent the child.
C. After the submission of data to the specified e-mail address older will receive a confirmation of the successful completion of the application for registration.
(d. Within ten working days to a notification e-mail will be sent for examination of the information and successful registration line.

2. If a parent wants to register their children to Class 1, he or she goes to the educational administration of the city of Liepaja, along with documents required (child’s birth certificate and the personal identification document or a document certifying the right to represent the child, if the legal representative of the child is not one of the parents).
a. Educational administration employee, if necessary, explains the procedures for registration shall provide information on the institution implemented education programs.
(b. On the spot is filled in application in accordance with the information provided and verified the accuracy of the information provided population register. Then comes the validation and printing.
C. Older checks all the entered information and sign off its veracity.
(d. The employee registers the application and one copy shall be returned to parent.

All submissions – sent both electronically and on the spot received will be recorded accurately on a first-come, first-served basis after their registration in time, further broken down according to the criteria laid down and benefits (see section “Legal acts”).
Schools will receive from the city of Liepaja educational administration of applications received in the order of registration thereof, according to local government quotas set out in the number of students per school. Class presentation will take place in schools, in accordance with the procedure laid down in each school's management.

Children in special education programs are recorded in the special internātpamatskolā onsite Liepaja, accompanied by the necessary
the documents.

Consultation of the child's registration in the general educational institutions can be obtained from the phone no.: 63489153 or 28009921.
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An e-service in authorities home page Registration of children 1 in Liepaja.
On the spot Educational administration of the city of Liepaja
Adrese: Uliha iela 36, Liepāja, LV-3401
Phone number: 6 34 89153; 2 800 99 21
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Working time
2. solis / Receipt of services
Starting with the March 2017 between the parents personally from the school will receive a phone message about the need to arrive at the institute and carry out upon the submission of documents required in Class 1 of the child.
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