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The maintenance of the Treaty on the conclusion of the graves (Liepaja the Cemetery Administration)
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The city of Liepaja the Cemetery Administration from 2016 January shall enter into contracts with the place of the providers of new and existing graves. The responsible persons, which are established in the churchyard grave, buried in the registration, record-keeping, Tomb” has a duty to conclude a contract regarding the grave. The conclusion of a contract shall be free of charge.
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The conclusion of a contract
In order to conclude a contract for the maintenance of the graves:
1. the responsible person (a person who is registered in the grave carrying the master document buried registrations, Tomb”) on the site goes to the cemetery near the cemetery manager;
2. the responsible person takes the form, at the cemetery keeper of graves in the graveyard’;
3. the responsible person with the form goes to Liepaja cemetery manager to conclude agreements to the maintenance of the graves.

Receipt of services is full-time Liepaja Liepaja city churchyards and cemeteries Department and is free of charge.
If the responsible person is dead, then a contract concluded by the person who can demonstrate a death certificate.
If the responsible person wishes to refer the person responsible for the seat to another, then two come Liepaja cemetery administration, to write a submission regarding the transfer to another person and, accordingly, the new responsible person concluding a contract.
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