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One-off allowance for family due to a childbirth (Jelgava county local government)
The selected organisation: JELGAVAS NOVADA PAŠVALDĪBA
Short description:
A lump sum benefit in the family of a child (hereinafter - allowance) is assigned to provide material support to the newborn's needs. Is the right to receive the benefit of citizens of the Republic of Latvia, non-citizens and aliens who have been granted personal identity number and declared primary place of residence of not less than the last 12 months before childbirth is Jelgavas county administrative territory.
Primary place of residence declared by the condition of not less than the last 12 months before childbirth shall not apply to cases where the claimant prior to childbirth has acquired real estate Jelgavas county and the primary place of residence declared.
Maximum duration (days):
Jelgava Municipality Self-government benefit shall be granted and paid in Jelgava, Pasta Street 37, 30 days from receipt of the application. Cash benefits is ensured in Jelgava Municipality Self-government financial chapter or as a non-cash payment specified in the application for the bank account.
Process description
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1. solis / Service requests
Documents required:

In order to receive an allowance, benefit the applicant challenges Jelgavas county or parish council in the registry office and submit an application to the benefit, by presenting a personal identification document and child’s birth certificate. The Orphan's court decision regarding the out-of-family care in the case of transfer of a child under guardianship or a decision of placement in a foster family.
Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted
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Full-time - Jelgava Municipality Council customer service centre
Full-time - Social welfare
2. solis / Receipt of services
Receipt of services according to the application of choice.
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