A single State and self-government services portal www.latvija.lv usage instructions

1 .Lietotie terms

Authentication - User recognition process which determines whether the user is plenipotentiary use of data, programs or devices, as well as certain system operating modes.

The agency – State Regional Development Agency(www.vraa.gov.lv).

An e-service - service that provides all the way for the provision of service or individual products with the execution stage (feet) of the remote (extramural) manner, using information technology and communication tools.

E-service holder – the body responsible for the e-services.

The holder of the service - the authority responsible for public provision of services, from which the regulations specified in regulatory enactments or other institution or its structural units, duties and responsibilities under the corresponding provision of services.

Portal – Single State and self-government services portal www.latvija.lv.

User – any person in accordance with these Regulations shall be used in the Portal.

Secure authenticated user - user who uses the e-services, used when authenticating with one of the Portal authentication resources: electronic signature and eID card or online banking authentication.

A user with the declared identity - the user who uses the receipt of e-services Portal authentication username and password. The user himself creates your user name and password and assume full responsibility for the e-service provided in the data recorded.

User accounts – authenticated parties created impersonate workspace that contains user identification and personalized information for work. Information is available only for each user regarding himself or herself and only after authentication.

The manager – a state body, which in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments, organise and supervise the activities of the Privacy Policy.

2 .Vispārīgā information

2.1. Portal managed by the Agency.

2.2. The portal aims to provide the Latvian and foreign citizens to have access to the Latvian State institutions in the context of the public service descriptions and centralized access to e-services provided by the various institutions.

2.3. These Regulations prescribe the Portal and the available information, restrictions and usage instructions are binding on all End Users. The Agency shall be entitled at any time amend the Terms of Use and these changes take effect at the moment when they are published to a.

2.4. Portal User personal data is collected, apart from the information voluntarily provided by registering a User Portal or any of the Portal available e-services has changed. Any personal information that you User voluntarily systeminstance, will be treated in accordance with the intended purpose and to the required level - national and local authorities to provide services in electronic form by using personalized working environment.

3 Using .Portāla

3.1. The portal is available to all Internet users around the clock.

3.2. The portal has allowed temporary interruptions in activities related to the Portal and the associated system maintenance, servicing and improvement works.

3.3. Portal consists of two public service catalog titles:

3.3.1. „individuals” - the single national and local authorities, a service catalog - full details of the public interest services and their possibility of receiving and conditions;

3.3.2. ‘entrepreneurs’ - the single national and local authorities, a service catalog - full details of the operators have raised the possibility of receiving the services and conditions;

3.4. Some of the e-services portal depending on service availability requirements are available for any user or only an authenticated user to.

3.5. User Portal, you can authenticate with the following features:

3.5.1. The VAS„ Latvia State Radio and Television Centre ”of electronic signature smart card;

3.5.2. Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs e-ID card is issued;

3.5.3. SEB, Swedbank, Nordea, DnB, Citadele, Norvik or Meridian Trade Bank banking authentication agents.

3.5.4. The portal of the user name and password.

3.6. Can be made available to users of information and e-services may deviate due to the User selected authentication tools and e-service holder requirements.

3.7. Depending on the authentication agent, the user can be classed as safe in the authenticated user or user with the declared identity.

3.8. In order to ensure quick receipt of e-services in the Portal, the Agency recommends that you create user accounts:

3.8.1. User account is created when authenticating with User Portal for the first time by entering and confirming the End User personal information that is maintained from the Portal;

3.8.2. The contact information if necessary, the user account is used for communication with the User e-services for faster and easier to ensure implementation;

3.8.3. User is responsible for updating your contact information.

3.9. Portal section “Help” contains explanatory information on the Portal configuration and usage capabilities.

3.10. The user has the possibility to every pressing questions to ask Portal manager, by means of questionnaires sent to e-mail portals@vraa.gov.lv . The answer is provided on the accounts. 3 (three) working days.

4 .Lietotāja rights and obligations

4.1. Usage instructions are binding for each User.

4.2. The user may not be transferred to your user account for use by another person.

4.3. The user is responsible for your personal information updating user accounts.

4.4. User may not take action against illegal or unenforceable security, stability and performance.

4.5. User may not transfer Customer Data to carry out the offensive, abusive and illegal activity using explicit language.

4.6. Quoting or referring to the information obtained from the Portal, the End-User shall indicate the source of information – in. Material republishing the copyright owner is mandatory.

5 .Aģentūras rights and obligations

5.1. About illegal or unenforceable, the Agency shall be responsible for ensuring continuous operations.

5.2. On the Portal published e-services„ Service Catalog ”and available service descriptions are the responsibility of the holder of the Service.

5.3. The Agency shall provide and coordinate responses to the requests addressed to the recipient of e-services asked questions or complaints relating to e-service collected within the data, any error messages and non-availability.

5.4. The Agency has the right to unannounced visits to the User, change, illegal or unenforceable provision of services, change the amount of information services available and the User Portal, functional and visual solution.

5.5. The Agency shall not be liable for damages incurred by User if the third party is drifting in and / or use the User Portal using the available personal authentication features.

5.6. All disputes arising in connection with these rules is due between the Agency and the User shall be settled by negotiation between them. If you cannot solve the dispute through negotiation, it can be dealt with in accordance with regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.