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Where to seek health-related information

When you receive medical care for patients has accumulated various information, such as doctor visits, diagnoses, diabetes data, data, etc. There are ways to find out what kind of data regarding a person has accumulated in different registers.

Information using the e-services

the Portal inare availablefree of charge as follows: e-services:
  • My State paid health care services” - an opportunity to receive information (for outpatient services rendered from 2005, of fixed services received from 2004 July) about his or her minor children the doctor's visits, diagnoses and manipulation of the national health service data base. Data is received on the State paid health care services. 
  • My data sugar diabetes patient record” – provides information that is electronically stored in the Register of national health service for patients with sugar diabetes.
  • my newborn child data” - provides information that electronically stored by the National Health Service newborn registry information system. 
  • my family doctor” - provides information about his or her minor child the family doctor.
  • My data VDEĀVK’ – this service available to persons who have existing disability expert examination of the decisions or opinions or recommendations which have submitted an application to the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (VDEĀVK) performance of the disability expert-examination of disability expert examination or a submission to the challenge, for myself VDEĀVK Disability information system (data on the Rights of Persons disability status, accumulated from 1998) accumulated information is available. 

If a mistake or inaccuracy

If e-pakalpojumā„My State paid health care services” are hoping that you have delivered on health care services, which you haven't actually use the e-services „Complaints Health Inspectorate” and shall inform the Health Inspectorate, which is the supervising authority in this area.