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Where to shop or commercial origin of meat market

The acquisition of the animal 's meat in a trading venue, for example, on the market or in the shop, every citizen has the opportunity to learn, animal identification code for electronically checking meat.

Before purchase to electronically check the meat of bovine, ovine or caprine animals origin, date and place of slaughter, before purchasing it at the point of sale (on the market, the supermarket ekoveikalā) ask the seller animal identification code, which contains the meat in the accompanying document. Such a right of the buyer shall be determined by the consumer protection law4 (2).
Animal identification code is assigned to all farm animals 20 days from birth.
When you enter (for example, immediately store using a smartphone) from meat of animal identification code of the accompanying document of the Agricultural Data Centre home page, under Operational - Animal Registry - farm animals are reflected in the information about the animal:

  • species
  • the word
  • gender
  • the variety
  • livestock number
  • enclosure (slaughterhouses) number
  • date of birth
  • the date of exclusion (slaughter)
  • the grounds for exclusion
Lauksaimniecības dzīvniekiLauksaimniecības dzīvnieki

Using the number of enclosures (slaughterhouses) homepage in the slaughterhouse list you can find information about a specific slaughterhouse (Atz.Nr.PVD, the owner of the slaughterhouse, slaughter address Kaujamo animal species, Operations, the stop date, etc.)
Use these for their rights and therefore less likely you are disappointed that the purchased goods or services is bad, but their exchange, or to be paid back the money is not possible.

If you discuss with inferior goods, or you 've got suspicions about it, reports the Consumer Rights Protection Centre or theFood and Veterinary Service.