How to register a business online

Provision of services without registering

Businesses from other EU Member states may provide temporary services without registering their business or its branch in Latvia. They must, however, comply with the national regulations, and in several cases must also report their activities to a competent authority. More information can be found at “Temporary provision of services”.

Registration in the Register of Enterprises

Applications to register your business can be submitted electronically using documents signed by a secure digital signature, sending them to the official e-mail of the Register of Enterprises at

Owners of eID card (issued to citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia) can use the e-service “Registration in the registers of the Register of Enterprises”. There any individual can submit electronically a registration application for registering a new business or contract, as well as submit an application for registering changes, reorganization, insolvency, liquidation etc.

This e-service applies to these subjects and contracts:

  • Merchants, businesses – sole proprietorship, limited liability company, general partnership, limited partnership, joint stock company, cooperative company, individual enterprise, farm, fish farm and their branches;
  • Organizations – associations, foundations, political parties and their alliances, media, trade unions, courts of arbitration, religious organizations and religious organization authorities;
  • Contracts – marital property contracts, public and private partnership contracts, group of companies’ contracts.

Digital signature

Using e-services in the portal cannot be used with or digital signature issued by a certified foreign service provider. Only digital signatures issued in Latvia (eID or digital signature smartcard) are permitted. This limitation does not apply to documents sent to the official e-mail of the Register of Enterprises.

Register of Tax Payers

Simultaneously with the application to be registered in the business register, a person may submit an application for being registered in the Register of Tax Payers, and, if necessary, indicate that they wish to be granted the status of a microenterprise tax payer. The application is reviewed by the State Revenue Service.

Necessary payments

During the use of the e-service, you will be required to make payments for state fee and publication in the official newspaper “Latvijas Vēstnesis”. The amount of both depends on the type of registration being done and the legal status of the subject, dependant on the regulations at the time.

Temporary account for establishing of a company

For citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia SEB bank offers the option to remotely open temporary account for establishing of a company, contribute capital, and receive the bank’s digitally signed confirmation of having contributed capital. To open a temporary account, the entrepreneur must submit a digitally signed application to the e-mail address of the bank. More information can be found here (in Latvian).