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As for the establishment of non-governmental organizations, and sort out the formalities by electronic means

If you intend to establish non-governmental organizations, and then you need to know that at present, many formalities made possible by electronic means, for example, set up and settle to formalities connected with the operation of NGOs.

The establishment of NGOs

Before you begin creating NGOs are essential to identify what type of NGO legal form you want to create, for example, association or foundation. Later, the association or foundation may be registered as a public benefit organisation. You need to define the name of the association, goals, etc. Read more.

The establishment of NGOs

The registration of association and foundation may be carriedout electronically using thee-services portal „Registrationfrom the registers kept by the Enterprise Register”, or sending documents signed with secure electronic signature ,on the Enterprise Register official email For this purpose, you must first prepare the registration document.
If you use the e-servicesportal, previously only have to be provided documents to accompany the application form – form is not to be completed, it will be automatically generated from the e-service in the implementation of the data you enter.
Samples of the registration document with the explanations available association „Latvian Civic Alliance ” homepageunder NGO documents. About how to establish an association can also read the Enterprise Register website under the Associations andFoundations.
In accordance with the Associations and Foundations Law of the Treaty on the application shall be signed by all founders or at least two of their plenipotentiary representatives. The decision of the Treaty is signed by all of the founders of the association. Consequently, where the documents for registration of new Society wishes to submit to the Enterprise Register e-dokumentu form, all of the founding members (authorised representatives) is a need for secure electronic signature. If the decision making involved in the plenipotentiary of the founder of an individual, the application shall also be accompanied by the mandate.


Using the e-services, the application is not possible to sign with virtual e-signature certified service providers or foreign e-signatures issued in Latvia, only with a secure electronic signature (identity card (eID) or secure e-signature smart card issued by LVRTC).
This warning does not apply to the application that is sent to the Enterprise Register official e-mail address.

NGO documents

Similarly, NGOs have the opportunity to improve and accelerate your business processes using electronic documents and the organisation of secure electronic signature. In this way, you can conserve financial resources that are used for preparing paper documents, to be sent by post or courier service, and significantly reduces time to deliver the document to a national or local government authority or other non-governmental organisation. For example, one NGO may be located in Daugavpils, Liepaja, using the electronic signature only 10 minutes, both partners may be to sign an agreement on mutual cooperation.
Read more about the regulatory enactments regulating the activity of NGOs, as is rightly looking documents, contracts, etc.

Public benefit organisation acquisition of the status

Choose and register the legal form – dibinājumu or associations ( see NGOsportfolio). Registration document shall be added using the e-servicesportal „Registration fromthe registers kept by the Enterprise Register”..
For an organisation to receive public benefit organisation status (SLO), the StateRevenue Service shall submit:
  1. a submission regarding granting of the status of SLO *, indicating, in a way that a decision on the SLO status;
  2. the association, foundation or religious organisations in the previous annual activity report and future action plan *.
* In order to enable it to be transmitted by electronic means, a submission regarding the SLO status and the accompanying the annual activity report and future action plan shall be signed with secure electronic signature andsend to the State Revenue Service to the official e-mail address