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How to become a member of the Rural Support Service Electronic logging of system users

Rural Support Service (Lada) Electronic Mail System (EPS) is the e-services system for natural and legal persons, which provides an easier, faster and safer support application submission and other service activities. Lada EPS provides not only a Lada, but also other institutions subordinate thereto in the Ministry of Agriculture e-services, facilitating access to the receipt of services to customers in various institutions.

What are the benefits of using the Lada EPS?

  • Ministry of Agriculture of the responsibilities of e-services in one place;
  • The user to easily transparent shapes and easy navigation;
  • Available for additional clarifications and informative material on the system (video instructions, manuals );
  • Information about customer service is available for applications submitted in one place;
  • The ability to track the progress of the course of administration;
  • The necessary revisions / additions to and submission;
  • The customer has the opportunity to follow the current financial information, as well as view reports for previous years;
  • The fill phase of the electronic application system performs basic verification checks, warning the user about the mistakes that allows you to quickly resolve them;
  • Resubmitting Single area payment application, fill in the client is relieved that the system offers the ability to copy the previous year's submission, as well as maps, also in cases where they have been submitted to the paper.

Lada EPS users are:

  • Agricultural land managers who apply for EU area payments and purchase of fuel with a reduced rate of excise duty;
  • The tenderer who submits the project applicationin order to receive any aid administered by the Lada;
  • School milk / fruit” of the members of the programmes;
  • Petrol station operators providing the fuel with a reduced rate of excise duty on the market;
  • Seasonal farm workers; employers;
  • Members of the Latvian national certification schemes receiving assurances on crops, where they are used for biofuel and bioliquid ražošanai- producers of raw materials, commodities traders, processors of raw materials;
  • Other WA institutional customers, for example, the keepers of farm animals, owners of agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.

How to become a Lada EPS user?

On the Lada EPS users can become any natural or legal persons, which has fulfilled the requirements:

  • Registered RSS client registry in accordance with the procedures prescribed by regulatory enactments, as well as RSS client has received the registration number;
  • Prepared and signed the two copies of the contractOn Rural Support Service of the electronic application system service application' and put them in person in one of the RSS client service parts;
  • Lada also offers customers the option to send electronically via the secure electronic signature ( in accordance with the law of electronic documents), when preparing and digitally signing one copy of a contract and sending the e-mail address ;
  • Lada 5 working days from the signing of the contract will record EPS user and would be sent to the contract in the initial password for user name and e-mail address.
  • Client copy of the agreement will be sent by post to the declared address or indicated in the contract customer correspondence address. If the contract is signed with secure electronic signature, client copy of the agreement will be sent to the customer's e-mail address.
  • After you sign up for the convenience of the Lada, also provides the possibility of earlier EPS via their online banking access KODU eID card, or secure electronic signature.
  • When a customer has become an EPS user, he may, in addition, plenipotentiary adviser or other natural person on behalf of the client to use the ESA and to submit applications for one or more EPS services. Primary EPS EPS EPS in all other users' actions. Both customer and trustee must sign the form „Additional EPS user form” and to submit to on-site or electronically Lada.
  • More information, how to become an RSS client is available here.


In addition to the information available to the RSS home page, telephone 67095000 or e-mail to

Video of Lada EPS available here.