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How to apply for agriculture, forestry and fishing in EU fund investment projects

In order to develop economic activity and increase industrial competitiveness, the Rural Support Service (hereinafter – Lada) is administered by the national and EU funds support fields agriculture, forestry and fishing, enabling customers to apply for projects and investments in person in one of the customer service centre and electronically via the Lada electronic system (EPS).

With the latest information about investment projects, see „Latvijas Vestnesis” Lada, which shall publish the notices of the adoption of the project applications. As well as the latest information can be found on the RSS home page, under Projects, and investment.

 Natural or legal person wishing to qualify for the aid administered by Lada activities must be registered with RSS client in the register. Registration shall be carried out, if you qualify for aid for the first time. Customer registration forms that are available on Lada Web site, you can submit in person, presenting a personal identification document, as well as electronic form at the time of signing with secure electronic signature and sending e-mail to

Individual projects, depending on the logon procedure laid down in Cabinet regulations, Lada offered the possibility to apply for projects using the electronic system (EPS). About EPS users can become any support a candidate who has acquired the RSS client registration number, as well as an EPS contract forms filled out, which is available here.

Lada 5 working days from the signing of the contract will record EPS users and to contract the specified e-mail address to the user will be forwarded to the user name and initial password.

Preparation of project applications

For each of the measures financed are issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers (hereinafter - the BOM) regulations, which can be consulted RSS home page, under Projects, and investment. The project application shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers.
The preparation of the project application form, you need to fill in the project, which can be found at the corresponding project description. In order to make it easier for users to fill out forms at each of the projects in the Manuals are available on the methodological guidance and guidelines.

Submission of

documents prepared by the applicant may submit one of the nearest customer service centre or electronically signing documents with secure electronic signature and sending the e-mail address, as well as individual projects using Electronic Mail System (EPS).

After receipt of the decision making

of the applicant's application in conformity with the developed draft terms of the Lada selection criteria in descending order of applicants for aid projects, as measured by the maximum possible score.
After the project application ranking Lada project applications are still being assessed by those who have received the minimum number of points, and the implementation of which the public funding is sufficient.
Lada is carried out by the project evaluation and decision making - to grant or refuse to grant aid.
The project application, which the number of points in the way for obtaining public funding is not sufficient, shall be rejected where there is a decision regarding allocation of additional funds.
Lada decision regarding the granting of aid or refusal of approval shall be adopted by 3 months, based on the MK 30.09.2014. Regulation No 598. If the project application evaluation needs additional time for decision making, is extended, but not later than 12 months from the date of filing of the project.

Design realization and

After the decision regarding approval of the project, Lada the support applicant shall inform in writing about the fact that may be initiated the project realization.
The support applicant is entitled to commence the project implementation also immediately after the submission of the Lada project applications, but under the full financial risk in the case of project applications will not be confirmed.
The project implementation deadline depending on the type of project is different, it shall be determined in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding the granting of aid a particular measure.
When the support applicant shall be carried out in the Lada project has done so, visual and documentary checks on the ground, and the tenderer submitting the request for payment shall commence the payment of aid.

Project Supervision

After the Lada project has been monitoring the implementation of which may be from 5 to 7 years, depending on the type of investments invested in the project.
The project beneficiary monitoring period each year, it is necessary to submit financial reports.
If the beneficiary of the project implementation or supervision period does not comply with the requirements specified in regulatory enactments, Lada the aid shall be reduced proportionately or take a decision regarding the aid reimbursement in the Rural Support Service.