• Starting a business

    Company name and forms of business, company registration, including registration electronically, economic activities of natural persons, tax issues, how to apply for the status of micro-enterprise tax (MUN) payer, how to apply for registration in VAT register, recruitment, special permits, useful information and Available e-services for entrepreneurs.

  • Conduct of business

    Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Declaration, Value Added Tax (VAT) Declaration and Refund, Company's Annual Report, Payroll Book, Labor Protection System in the Company, Other Useful Information and Links.

  • Business Completion

    Komercdarbības reorganizācija, likvidācija, maksātnespējas process, cita noderīga informācija, kas saistīta ar uzņēmējdarbības izbeigšanu.

  • Workplace health

    In order for you, as a worker, to take care of your health in the workplace in a responsible and responsible manner, it is important to know what support is available if you are ill or injured, how to deal with a long-term illness. It is important for the employee to know their rights and also the duty to the workplace and the employer.

  • Home production

    If you want to do homemade food - home-made food or craft - you must follow the laws and regulations that will ensure that the product is safe for consumption and business - legal. Many of the activities required are done electronically, and in some cases there are lenient rules that will help you to start your new business more successfully.

  • Food sector

    How to get started in the food chain, if you want to import food from third countries and sell in Latvia, if you want to export food of animal origin, live animals and non-food products to third countries.

  • Health sector

    How to notify the Health Inspectorate of the performance of the control duties, how pharmaceutical operators can submit a notification to the Health Inspectorate on how to apply for a Health Inspection permit, opinion or assessment.

  • Maintenance of agricultural land and forest belonging to me

    Agricultural land and forest are a valuable resource for investing, using for various purposes, making a profit, but firstly, agricultural land and forest are the property that its owner has the responsibility to manage, make various payments and perform other agricultural and forest-related duties while maintaining a favorable environment for the rest of the society.

  • Cropping

    Crop production is a basic sector of agriculture that cultivates crops for use in various food, livestock, industry and other sectors of the economy. There are many requirements and obligations that a farmer must follow and perform in different state and local government institutions in order to succeed in crop production. E-services will help you get the services of the authorities more convenient and faster regardless of your location.

  • Livestock farming

    Livestock farming is an agricultural sector that involves the rearing of domestic animals to produce animal products. There are several types of livestock farming - dairy farming, sheep farming, pig farming, poultry farming, equine breeding, apiculture and fur farming. Animal husbandry requires specific knowledge and skills, adherence to regulatory frameworks, and a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the ability to process many formalities electronically is beneficial.

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