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Where to look at the details of the vehicle

In order to protect themselves from unexpected surprises when you purchase or sale of the vehicle, it is desirable to make sure that it is not in the search, it is not registered in the closures, unpaid penalties for road traffic offences, etc. In addition, drivers, vehicles holders and owners might find it useful to make sure that the vehicle and driver data that is all right.


Road Traffic Safety Directorate e-services system resident and legal persons free of charge, it is possible to view information about yourself – in the possession of the vehicle data, driving licence data, demerit points, to pay for road traffic offence penalties, etc.

Portal e-pakalpojumā „Administrative Penalties check and balance” is free to find out information about their, their minor children, custody and / or persons under trusteeship imposed administrative penalties and to carry out their payment, including penalties for speeding, etc.
Lursoft home page in the„My data in national registries” is available free of charge information about the person:
  • state-owned vehicles registered in road traffic safety Directorate, Vehicle data base;
  • tracked driving licenses;
  • imposition of penalties and penalty points RTSD data base;
  • owned tractor-type machinery established State Technical Supervision Agency Traktortehnikas register.

On any of the

Ministry of the Interior information centre home page provides an opportunity to publicly available free of charge ( after the national number or the chassis number), or land, water or air transport has opened in the search.
Information is available on the following combinations of vehicles:

  • car;
  • the trailer;
  • motto / cycling technique (motorcycles, tricycles, quadricycles and mopeds, bicycles, etc.);
  • water transport vehicles (boats, personal watercraft, etc.);
  • agriculture, construction, horticulture technique (tractors, excavators, etc.);
  • other vehicles.

Road Traffic Safety Directorate provides paid services – by telephone and / or text message or a mobile application to ascertain details of:

  • driving – or have a valid driving licence, a medical certificate for the category of vehicles may be controlled or demerit points, unpaid penalty for road traffic offences, etc.
  • the vehicle - make, graduation (1 .reģistrācijas) a year, colour, fuel type, odometer reading, the country from which it was imported in Latvia, the owner of the number of Latvia, the annual fees, data, log into the reserves, non-payment of fines for road traffic offences, etc.