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Where to find out about the traffic restrictions and driving conditions

Before setting out, it is essential to check driving conditions for the route selected (or they are unencumbered, for example, a snowy, icy path, floods, etc.), as well as to ascertain whether the chosen route is not what repairs for parts of one of the route is closed or restricted traffic movement.

Information on traffic restrictions in the

  • Latvian State Roads homepage under „Būvobjekti and traffic restrictions” available on a map showing traffic restrictions. Similarly, this information is available on the website of intervention works planned for the national road network.
  • Riga City Council Transport Department website  information is available for repairs – address, the person responsible for enforcement, job description, start and end date; and„Travel in Old Town” showing traffic organisation in Old Riga street, pedestrians and cyclists and Municipality paid parking lot.
  • Riga City Council Transport Department website it is also available in online video  that shows the current situation of Salu tilts [bridge] and Brivibas Gatve.
  • „Map publishers Jana seta ”website is available„congestion card” that displays information about congestion, road repairs. You can search the address or location, routing, search, coordinates, etc.

Restrictions on vehicle maximum mass of the

  • Latvian State Roads website under “Means of restraint’ means a maximum mass ofvehicle described in the seasonal nature of the maximum mass of local and regional importance within the limits of national motorways to prevent the collapse of the way for massive spring thaw during and after the fall, when, travel blanket pārmitrinoties load-bearing capacity and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Riga City Council Transport Department website under„bulky and heavy freight transport” describes the restrictions for freight transport in the City of Riga.

Traffic Information Centre (SIC) daily Infoline 80005555