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How to request legal assistance ensured by the State

If you need to solve legal disputes and have obtained the status of low-income or needy person, as well as, if you 're in full support of the State or self-government or natural disaster or force majeure or other circumstances beyond their control you suddenly come to a situation and material condition which does not allow you to ensure the protection of their rights you have the opportunity to receive free legal assistance ensured by the State.

In accordance with the State Ensured Legal Aid Act 23, Paragraphs two and three, if the Administration finds that the decision making is a need for additional information, it’ s decision to halt a deadline for receipt of legal assistance ensured by the State, request additional information.

In order to receive legal assistance ensured by the State

Legal Aid Administration necessary to fill out forms that are available for home page of the State ensured legal assistance request.
It is necessary to add documents to the form (if the application file for information by electronic means, then scanned) demonstrating:
  • your eligibility for State ensured legal assistance (for example, a statement from the self-government social service for low-income or needy persons status) and 
  • the circumstances referred to in the submission (for example, rents – and a warning regarding the rental agreement rents).

If the application has been purposed by electronic means

the completed form must be prepared in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers on 2005 June 28 Regulation No. 473, signed with a secure electronic signature and should be sent to the electronic mail address:

The application shall be examined and decided by the

Legal Aid Administration shall examine the submission and take a decision regarding granting of legal aid or the refusal to grant it shall be taken within 21 days, but in matters which affect the rights of children 14 days of receipt of a submission for legal aid (in accordance with the State Ensured Legal Aid Act 23 with the procedure laid down in Article).