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Officially to communicate with the authority electronically

What is your first thought, if necessary for submission to the State or self-government institution? It is likely that jāatprasās from work for about 2-3 hours to find a transport to the body can go, it might be waiting in line, etc. But do you know that with the institution officially can communicate electronically?

Document preparation facilities

it as it is possible authorities to send electronic applications, documents, issues, etc. depends on the opportunities created by the institution itself, for example,

If you've decided to send using e-services e-iesniegumu

“ E-iesniegums authority” may be submitted to a State or self-government institution would request, the complaint, proposal or issue, according to the Law on Submissions. After the commencement of the service you will be given access to Form„ The preparation ”, which will identify the body, which e-iesniegums e-iesnieguma topic is addressed, and enter the text of the submission, you must specify your e-mail address and address of the place of residence.
In this e-pakalpojumā you can 't sign up for a service, to claim benefits, register your place of residence, etc., unless you don' t use the opportunity to add an application, which will be signed with secure electronic signature. Make sure you have the required service is already available in the form of an old home page or the authorities of the portal.

Document preparation requirements if it is prepared in free form

If the document is drawn up in free form, it is prepared according to the Cabinet of Ministers on 28 June 2005 No. 47 provisions3 and signed with secure electronic signature.
Document shall conform to the Regulations referred to in paragraph 10 of file formats, but the authority may also indicate other types of file format.

Options for sending a document

In general, the Authority, in its home page on which e-mail address can be transmitted electronically signed documents, but if it cannot be found, you can also send the documents prepared on the official e-mail address. The most common e-mail address you can find the home page sections - The body section or sections of the Authoritydialog box , click Contact Us, Contact, etc.

Document receipt confirmation of the fact

If electronic document has been sent to authorities, then the e-mail address, within one working day to the e-mail address from which e-dokuments served shall give notice of receipt of electronic documents (2 referred to in Paragraph 17 of these Regulations).

Receiving the reply form

If you want an answer, then receive an electronic form shall include an indication of their submission.

If the document is signed by e-signature

If a submission received in electronic form has not been signed with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments regarding the secure electronic signature, the head of the institution shall determine the procedures for providing a reply to the submission. In this case, the applicant is not entitled to request the provision of a reply through courtproceedings in accordance with 10, Paragraph four of the Law on Submissions.