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How to verify the identity of another person

Carrying out transactions with third parties, it is desirable to ensure that this person 's identity. Are you sure you Mika Liepins the same reasons, or address, which she says the agreement, it is the one she has declared, etc.? You keep yourself from unpleasant surprises, if available and you' re going to be sure that a person with whom the transactions are effected are correctly all the data indicated. Address of the declared place of residence is also important for the employer to know where to transfer the employee 's personal income tax.

Personal data population register

Free e-service "Check whether a person is included in the population register, and whether there were no reports of death" - records personal identity number of a man whom you want to examine and ascertain whether a person with specified personal identity number is included in the population register and, if there is a population register, or a person, on the news isn't dead.
The service isfree" My datapopulation register "- a free service allows you to know what are the details of the person is included in the population register - personal identity number, address of the declared place of residence, passport data, the spouse, children, parents. The result is a document (* .pdf), which has an informative character.

The address of a

Free service"Check whether a person is declared at the address indicated by" - an inspection is carried out, or a person with specified personal identity number is deklarējusies the specified address.
The service isfree "person' s place ofresidence of the local government at the beginning of the current year" - the service provides an opportunity by typing the name, surname and personal identity number, to clarify the current year Local Government, which were originally specified persons resident in the following breakdown: Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils, none of these three municipalities.

Information about the real estate

Toll-Free service "My data quantifying" - the service provides the possibility to receive the actual cadastre data regarding the person's real estate. The result is a document (* .pdf), which has an informative character.
The service isfree„ My owneddeclared person” - the service provides the possibility to receive information about the person 's real estate and there are people who have registered their place of residence.

Validity of documents from

password-protected service "dialog box, the Invalid Document Register" - a reference data and the check is carried out. For example, if you enter into a contract, then the test, or your partner produced documents are valid.
During the service information is provided on those contained in the register of documents of the Republic of Latvia:
  • identity documents (Citizen's Passports, an Aliens Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, the return certificate, identity card, the seaman's discharge book);
  • certificate of authority (driving licence);
  • documents referred to forms. 
Invalid for use are included in the journal documents which are registered:
  • as lost (stolen, lost, deaths);
  • as awaiting release and the competent authorities on the holder's personal data or status change;
  • after the death of the holder;
  • as well as about documents that the competent authorities have acknowledged for the inadmissible (withdrawn) for different reasons.
Here you can find documents that have exceeded the period of validity.

Information from the Enterprise Register

paid service „certificate request from the Enterprise Register registers vestajiem” - e-service of the Enterprise Register you can get the information regarding legal persons, natural persons insolvency proceedings, insolvency administrator, matrimonial property contract, a commercial pledge agreement, a public-private partnership agreement.
If your counterparty wants the wish to demonstrate its reliability, you can use these e-services offer him and present you with the results.

Seekers Enterprise Register home page by selecting the option to search for the„ Company / Organization ”person is an opportunity not only to ascertain the existence of another company registration, historical names, the date of removal, but also, if necessary, to prove its existence.