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How do I know what information about me at the disposal of the State

Miscellaneous with us on a daily basis and the associated data are processed in countless public and private processing of personal data systems – starting with the population register, local government systems, and even banking systems and networks. The Law on the basis of personal data protection Law, article 15, every person has the right of not more than twice a year to obtain the information collected in 1) of any processing of personal data in 2) of those natural or legal persons who, within a specified period of time from the holder has demanded information about the person. You can request information from all organizations / institutions where you are registered as a client. Many of the State and self-government institutions have developed a variety of solutions for information about yourself you can be viewed electronically.

Various information about the state and municipal registers of the

  • population register My data – the ability to find out what news of the person, and the minor child under guardianship or trusteeship, the person is included in the population register;
  • My data municipality - Riga and Ventspils City Self-government provides for the information collected on use of existing information systems;
  • My data Biometrics data processing system – the opportunity to obtain and verify information on user data, which are maintained in the Biometrics data processing system.
  • My newborn child data – an opportunity to receive information from the national health service in the register of births;
  • ( also - under "My data state registers" being able to free view on the information accumulated - my posts, membership, signatures, tractor-type machinery, a commercial pledge, herds, invalid documents, my data Maintenance Guarantee Fund, etc.
  • - under "E-services individuals' ability to use e-services such as Kindergarten Kid line, the municipality of your My Site, Real estate tax, etc.

Information on the personal pets

of domestic (pet) Search animals - a person can view information about its ownership of the registered or held by existing domestic (pet) animals.

Details about the person's real estate and place of residence

  • in my own declared person - the possibility of obtaining information about the person's real estate and a population that they have their place of residence abroad;
  • My data in the cadastre - the opportunity to receive from the Immovable Property State cadastre information system the actual cadastre text data on personal real estate and construction works;
  • Real estate tax payment online - the possibility of obtaining information regarding the person's estate and pay tax on immovable property (now available on the part of the local government);
  • - the possibility of free to receive information on persons at the registered real estate and property of an electronic Land Register.
  • - the possibility of free to receive information regarding the immovable property tax.
  • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs website - service" person 's place of residence of the current year” at the beginning of the local government provides the ability to trim it by typing the name, surname and personal identity number, to clarify the current year Local Government, which were originally specified persons resident in the following breakdown: Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils, none of these three municipalities.

Information about the health of

  • my country paid health care services – the opportunity to receive information about his or her minor child doctor visits, diagnoses and manipulation of the national health service database;
  • My data sugar diabetes patient record – the opportunity to receive information collected on patients with diabetes national health service's registry;
  • my family doctor - the opportunity to receive information about his or her minor child the family doctor;
  • My data VDEĀVK - intended for persons who have existing disability expert examination of decisions, opinions or recommendations or which have submitted an application State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability (VDEĀVK) performance of the disability expert-examination, or the submission of disability expertise in the challenge, of the information system for the Disability VDEĀVK accumulated information is available.

Details about the person's social contributions, taxes and seniority

Information on means of subsistence

  • Information regarding the proceedings - user gets information about all of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund applicant and debtor register tracked child support cases in which the user registered as applicants.
  • Information regarding the debt - the user receives information about all of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund applicant and debtor register tracked child support cases in which the user registered as the debtor.

Information on the personal convictions

Administrative Penalties check and payment – the ability to find out information about their, their minor children, custody and / or persons under trusteeship imposed administrative penalties and make it pay.

Information on the personal firearms licences and licences

, licences for weapons registration, licence and certificate validation – an opportunity to learn about the person registered firearms licences, permits and certificates issued, as well as to carry out gas gun registration and re-registration.

Information on the personal means of transport - free to receive information regarding the possibility of personal vehicle, driving licence data demerit points, to receive the daily driving permits, etc.

Information on the personal credit

Credit Register, Bank of Latvia collect, accumulate and store information about the Credit Register participant and limit the Credit Register participant customers and customer guarantors, sum amounts etc. will still their commitments and their progress.

Information about your company / organisation

  • in the Enterprise Register Web site by selecting the option to search for the seeker„ Company / Organization” person is an opportunity not only to ascertain the existence of another company registration, historical names, the date of removal, but also, if necessary, to prove its existence.
  • Paid service „certificate request from the Enterprise Register registersvestajiem ”you can receive the Enterprise Register within the framework of existing information about yourself as a legal person, physical, personal insolvency proceedings, insolvency administrator, matrimonial property contract, a commercial pledge agreement, a public-private partnership agreement.

Remember izlogoties from the system

when you finished your view of your data or use of e-services, Izlogojies, come out of the system, stop your work to the next man, who will use the computer is able to access your data.

If the displayed data is not true or false

talk about the data and shall inform the responsible authority.