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Where to get help, if you restrict the rights of one of the EU Member States' authorities (SOLVIT)

Residents and businesses often have to face unexpected obstacles in the European Union (EU) law enforcement, when other EU Member States' public authorities make demands, which is contrary to EU regulations. Most of the current restrictions on the other EU Member States' national authorities are associated with the restrictions on freedom of movement of goods and services, residence permits non-issuance, social benefits evasion, non-recognition of professional qualifications, etc.

Internal market problem-solving network SOLVIT

To be immediately rectified by businesses and citizens of EU restriction of rights, European Commission in cooperation with Member States had established the EU internal market problem-solving network – SOLVIT.SOLVIT can help you solve the problems of citizens and businesses that they have incurred in another EU Member States' public authorities incorrectly applying EU law. SOLVIT centres should also work in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which have a majority of EU rules.

When SOLVIT can help you? "

  • cross-border dispute issue if the
  • dispute has arisen in EU law, the incorrect application of
  • national authorities, which is due to the decision or action.

When SOLVIT cannot help you?

  • in cases where the Commission has initiated litigation,
  • dispute issue arising between companies or consumers,
  • in disputes resulting from EU institutions.

Electronically submit a complaint to a SOLVIT centres can:

  • e-mail: site by
  • filling in application e-formu

SOLVIT’ s not true,

SOLVIT centres can only point to other public authorities and to persuade the authority of a violation of the right thing to do. If the authority wants to follow the instructions of SOLVIT, immediately go to court.

Before lodging a complaint with SOLVIT centres make sure:

  • if a problem with the other EU Member State authorities, due to their activities?
  • An EU legal norms are violated?

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