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As a document confirming authorisation to receive electronic

Imagine the situation – you urgently to come and represent their interests in another city of Latvia, such as the cities concerned authority shall inform that there is an urgent need for the land boundary assessment work. Unfortunately, you can 't come because we have a couple of days at work is important appointments, which are compulsory. Workaround – plenipotentiary of the action to deal with another person.

Information in a

sworn notary, an extract of the notarial deed book (powers derivatives) may be issued both in print and electronically.

Issue of power of attorney

issue of power of attorney to a person has to go to the sworn notary, along with your Passport and Alternate data. After the mandate of the sworn notary may be issued by electronic means of attestation of the notarial deed book excerpt (powers derivatives) and, for example, send it to the franchisor to e-mail or copy it to the flash drive.
Electronic documents sworn notary attested by a secure electronicsignature, adding time stamps, which is equivalent to that of the handwritten signature of the sworn notary and the mark.
The following - a digitally signed statement may be submitted at any Latvian institution, and it does not require any more copies, one is enough.

Chapter Eighteen of the mandate of the CivilLaw provisions contained in the first section.

The mandate of the electronic transmission of

the extract should be transmitted electronically to the Authority, which you requested to attend, for example, if you are sending to the contact person e-mail address. A person whom You have authorized electronic statements, you can save a media and, if necessary, submit.

The adoption of electronic documents in the institutions of

the fact that institutions are obliged to accept electronically signed documents, including mandates, electronic documents shall be determined by law.


For information about the sworn notary can be found in the Latvian sworn notary official website.