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Where to obtain information about my old-age pension electronically

Each of us are waiting for that, with forces active in working life will be able to count on public financial support in old age. Although it is argued that pension issues, particularly the case is the only persons of pre-retirement age, but also younger people are seriously interested in and keep track of how a pension capital accrued to the capital accumulation, use the available options affect the amount thereof. Now everyone has the opportunity to electronically access to their own pension forecast, as well as the follow-up of the old-age pension; factor – or and the extent to which we shall be carried out on our employer state social insurance mandatory payments (pay taxes).

Make sure that the employer pays taxes

on you all the statutory duties, including state social insurance mandatory payments, if you choose the e-services „For more information about the social insurance contributions and periods of insurance” or by using the State Revenue Service electronic declaration system

Seniority is an important factor that determines the size of pensions

is therefore important to verify some information about your seniority accumulated SSIA. Whereas on 1 January 1996 was radically changed in the state pension system, it is possible that the state does not have full information about your seniority, if you 've been employed before that. You can verify the correctness of the data by selecting the e-services„For more information on the registered seniority (for up to 1996)

However, if it is established or errors regarding the shortcomings of

the inaccuracies shall inform the SSIA – go to any of the SSIA departments , along with your notebook *.
Records from the notebook SSIA employee will receive the electronic database. The information entered in the database is updated 2 times a month.

* Business Notebook is no longer in use, but it is necessary for determining the length of service persons who have worked until 1996 December 1 January. If the book has been lost, to be addressed in previous jobs (documents institutions must be kept for at least 75 years) or State Archives of Latvia (Personnel document state archives). State Archives of Latvia shall provide the necessary information for a fee, about a month. If you' ve been employed outside of Latvia, obliged to take in the archives of the relevant country.

Length of periods of insurance shall also consist of

mandatory active military service; work self-employed capacity; the time of training in universities, as well as in other educational institutions after the acquisition of secondary education; a time when the mother raised a child up to 8 years of age; a time when a Group I invalid person or an invalid child up to 16 years of age, etc. In order not to the SSIA come again, don 't forget to take all the documents required to certify periods of insurance (employment, labour contracts and documents certifying the implementation thereof, an employer or archival statements, training institutes in the documents of another, military service certificate, etc.). Requirements for documents set out in 23.04.2002. Regulation No. 165 of the BOM „periods of insurance of the burden of proof, calculation and accounting procedures”. More information can get the SSIA Web site under„ length of periods of insurance ”

The existing and projected pension capital

For more information about your already accumulated pension capital, choose the e-services „For more information about insured person pension capital”, but to get a forecast of your possible amount of an old-age pension, the e-service“Information on the expected amount of an old-age pension”.
Details are provided for 1. pension level predictions. The amount does not appear in 2. pension pillar or occupational pension schemes, as well as 3. pension pillar earns money for the future. Nor is it possible to calculate the amount of a pension planning.
The projected pension based on the SSIA on-hand information for the socially insured persons length of periods of insurance to 1996. year, the average insurance premium wages for the period from 1996 January and December 1999 and the accrued pension capital after 1996 January 1 onwards. Forecast 2 times a month is currently being updated, taking into account the previous periods of insurance and payment of contributions. Forecast, continuing to carry out social insurance contributions to retirement age, in order to achieve change.

For information about 2. pension pillar pension capital in the bowl

as well as on the investments and transactions 2. pension pillar, uses the SSIA e-services „state funded pension scheme’ s statement of account of the participant”.