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How to apply for unemployment benefit

A man after losing their jobs and the acquisition of the status of an unemployed person may claim unemployment benefits in several ways - immediately SEA affiliate, in any SSIA branch, by mail or electronically.

In order to receive an allowance

For a man after becoming unemployed could receive State social guarantees and support a new search for employment, he should first go to any State Employment Agency (SEA) a branch, you need to register and obtain status of an unemployed person.

After obtaining the status of an unemployed person who can claim unemployment benefits:

If the unemployment benefit requests electronically

, you must be prepared in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers on 28 June 2005 Regulation No. 473 (17) states that authority, within one working day to the e-mail address from which e-dokuments served shall give notice of receipt of electronic documents), signed with secure electronic signature and should be sent to theelectronic mail address

Decision making

10 working days after receiving all necessary documents of the declared place of residence SSIA department man will receive either a decision regarding granting of unemployment benefit or refusal.

Benefits are paid

unemployment benefit, depending on the length of periods of insurance, shall be paid not later than nine months of the year following its award. On the way to calculate unemployment benefits, the duration and the amount of readinghere.

You can receive unemployment benefit:

  • if a person is registered at SEA and acquired the status of an unemployed person; if human social insurance (employment) length is not less than one year prior to the status of an unemployed person is granted social insurance contributions had been carried out or were to be made not less than 9 months over the past 12 months before the status of an unemployed person was granted; 
  • mother or another person (father, guardian), who had raised a child up to one and a half years of age and receive parenting benefit or child care allowance; 
  • persons receiving sickness benefit; 
  • persons who received compensation for an adopted child care; 
  • if a person has been taken care of handicapped or disabled child up to 16 years of age.