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Where to check that the tourism agent or tour operator has been officially registered

For the trip would have been successful and no unpleasant surprises, potential travelers are able to confirm whether the tourism agent or tour operator has been officially registered, has not been declared as insolvent, shall be entitled to provide such services and whether this has resulted in customer money deposited by the security guarantees.

Potential travelers electronically free of charge to ascertain whether the operator providing the tourism agent or tour operator activities, is registered, a type of activity (agent, operator, or both) that is registered, as well as to whether an operator has provided security guarantees , money deposited by the client can tourism agent and tour operators in the database (tato).

You can search, if known and completed at least one of the parameters listed below:

  • merchant tato database number; 
  • the name of the merchant (given name, surname of natural persons); 
  • company registration number (personal identity number for natural persons);
  • the name of the trade mark.
If one of the above, with the following parameters have been found, then the potential travelers have the opportunity to obtain complete information about the specifics of the data and verification:
  • a type of operation of the merchant is registered (agent, an operator or the two)
  • tour operators – information about the money deposited by the client security guarantees (vendor, date and the amount insured volume);
  • the legal and actual address;
  • for the formation of the year;
  • Services sales locations;
as well as the date of registration database.