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As electronically receive hunter 's seasonal card

Hunters uzsākoties hunting seasons are offered the opportunity to apply and receive hunter 's seasonal card electronically as well. Hunter' s seasonal card is an annual document that gives the right to participate in hunting hunting season.

The State fee shall be paid by

the State fee for hunter's seasonal card can pay in cash (bank) or none in the form of settlement of the Internet bank. Payment objective indication (hunting) name, surname, personal identity number and text „The State fee for hunter 's seasonal card”.

The Properties:
beneficiary: the Treasury, No 90000050138
Account: LV77TREL1060160925000
Receiving agency: the Treasury, BIC KODU TRELLV22

If a single payment is made in the settlement of several hunter's seasonal card and payment objective it is impossible to mention all the person (hunting) data, the payment objective indication:“The State fee for (the hunter's seasonal card number) hunter's seasonal cards”. For more informationhere.

Complete the submission electronically

Electronically chose a submission ( see relevant application form: 1. the application, 2. the application).

In cases where you are also subject to excise duty exemptions (old-age or retirement pensioner or a full-time student in), and click OK in the document certifying the status of submission shall be accompanied by an electronic copy of (certificates).

Send submissions

hunter's seasonal card A complaint regarding the receipt and payment order shall electronically send the e-mail address or on the relevant regional email (contact information, please see).

Feedback to

State Forest Service shall verify the validity of the Certificate and shall issue a hunter's seasonal card signature with secure electronic signature and sending it electronically to the indicated in the application of electronic mail address.

Hunter hunter' s seasonal card during hunting prints and produce upon request.


In line with the 9 Hunting Regulations ), one day after hunting the hunter shall inform the person responsible for hunting of killed or injured during the game.

Hunting regulation 10 stipulates that the hunting individually end-April, butchered nelimitētos game hunter himself in the register shall be recorded in the game, which, within one month after the end of the hunting season shall be submitted to the State Forest Service.

Information on the personal firearms licences and licences

By using the e-services "Arms registration, authorisation, licence and certificate verification" hunter is an opportunity to learn information regarding a registered firearms licences issued permits and certificates, as well as to carry out gas gun registration and re-registration.