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As electronically receive angling licences

Angling is many people 's hobby and one of the most popular recreational activities outdoors. However, time to fish, it is necessary to comply with angling regulations and restrictions, as well as the need to buy the fishing card. In places where a licensed fishing, in addition to the angling card requires a license. Fishing card and license available for purchase by electronic means.

Fishing card

Fishing card electronically available for viewing Web sites By electronic means can buy annual and short-term (3-month) fishing card. The card is required for persons aged under 16 years and persons who are older than 65 years, as well as persons with disabilities.

Payment by card can make a purchase via Swedbank online banking or VISA, Mastercard, maestro bank card.

The card, you can download and print.

Fishing licences

So you can purchase and print an angling licence ( currently supported by the 40 bodies of water) Portal selected an e-service „E-loms acquisition of angling licences”.

This e-service, it is also possible for the bodies of water searches by different criteria to obtain information on water bodies and licensed fishing eel organisers, as well as the registration of catches.

While the owner

must have a valid angling card (in some cases, that a licence for the ūdenstilpni) and personal identification document. Inspectors checking the authenticity of the fishing card purchased electronically will be carried out with a free text message, which will indicate the fishing card unique number. Inspectors from the reply message will be informed of the period of validity of the card holder 's name, surname, personal identity number or personal identification document number, in cases where the cardholder' s personal identity number.