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Registering a pet – safety, travel and participation in fairs

If your own pet (dog, cat or a ferret) and you 'd like to take part in the exhibition, or temporarily intends to export outside the country, it must be mikročipētam and registered in the unified data base Agricultural Data Centre (hereinafter – data base).
If a pet in the above data base is already registered, then a pet owner has the opportunity to make if it wants to change the animal owners, the actual location, or a pet is missing / been found, or dead.

A pet's registration

1. The animal must be marked with a microchip (mikročipētam). Marking of the animal shall be performed by a certified veterinarian. Are veterinarians immediate registration of animals also performs the data base, but if registration is taken, then go on as you can do it yourself.
2. Registration of animals data bases -

documents required:


a pet's registration is a paid service – EUR 7,11. Before the animal's registration is to make an advance on the Agricultural Data Centre account.

3. The signed form, a Passport e-mail address of the animalshould be sent to A pet' s registration is done once payment is in the Agricultural Data Centre.

Read more about the procedures for the registration of domesticanimals of the Agricultural Data Centre website.

Registered pet animal You will see me

or your pet is registered, you can in two ways:

Animal owners and / or address of

the e-services portal You:

  • the change of ownership registration – may be carried out by the pet animal owners registered with the transfer of ownership to another natural person and to approve the transfer of title.
  • The registration of a change of keeper – registered animal owner may take a pet 's housing rights, to approve the transfer to another natural person holding the transfer of rights and to the cancellation of the transferred holding.
  • The change of address registration – you can see information about its ownership of registered pets and carry out the change of address for the keeping of animals.

Disappearances and Find Registration

If your pet is missing or been found, then record their data base using the e-services registered pet animal registration of finding or losing, so that it would be easier to find or search would be suspended.

Registration of death or euthanasia

for animal owners to register your pet (except for the dog, which is recognised as dangerous) death or euthanasia, then an e-service registered pet animal to death or eitanizācijas registration.