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With the formalities relating to maintenance

If one parent does not participate in child care and support children with means of subsistence, then the other parent is entitled to lodge an appeal with the application of the recovery of maintenance, as a result, the court shall render a judgment with which parent is obliged to pay child support to support the child. If a parent fails to comply with court judgments and do not pay child support to support the child, then the person has the right to remove court executive article and submit it to the sworn bailiff for execution. In the case of a sworn bailiff determines that the recovery is not possible or a court adjudication regarding recovery of a person, but does not ensure the minimum amount of means of support, and then at the request of the applicant shall prepare a statement sworn bailiffs and forward it to the Administration of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund (hereinafter – fund administration) to allow patients to receive maintenance from the Maintenance Guarantee Fund. Fund administration is paying child support of the parent site, which the duty imposed by court judgment to pay child support, but he does not comply with this judgment. In order to receive maintenance from fund administration, a person shall submit a submission to the fund administration.

Application submission

The simplest way to apply for maintenance has to submit an application using the e-services „Log On to receive child support”. The application is the only document to be submitted to the fund administration. After receipt of the application and fund administration will make sure that you have received advice from the sworn bailiff. If the certificate was received, then 10 working days will decide who will be sent to applicants the mail or e-mail address. If we don 't receive a certificate, fund administration so request of the sworn bailiff. You can also submit an application for onsite or viapostal services( read more).

Information regarding the proceedings

while using the e-services„For more information regarding the proceedings”, a person after sending your application will need to fund administration, which has sent the application of the review process – or is pending, accepted or refused the payment of charges.

Information on child support debt

If fund administration is paying child support persons, and she is registered as the debtor of the Maintenance Guarantee Fund applicant and debtor register, the person using the e-services „For more information regarding the debt”, you can find your uzturlīdzekļa debt levels, with statutory interest and sworn bailiff with whom you have to pay child support debt for the country.