The right to marry persons isfamily list sectionofficials orIn the Civil Lawthe stated clerics of denominations.

A marriage shall not be married if there are known obstacles to the conclusion of a marriage:

  • banned marriage before reaching 18 years old. In exceptional cases, with the consent of parents or guardians, a person who has reached the age of 16 may be married if the marriage is concluded with an adult. If parents or guardians do not refuse to grant authorisation for no important reason, the authorisation may be given by the Orphan's Court after the place where the parents or appointed guardians reside;
  • marriage to relatives is prohibited in a straight line (originating from each other with birth) and in a salting line (originating from one common third party, father or mother). For example, married siblings and half-brothers with half-sisters may not be married. Marriage between persons of the same sex, adopter and adopter, guardian and ward shall also be prohibited before the custody relationship has been terminated;
  • a new marriage is prohibited for a person already in a marriage.

Entering into a marriage in the correspondence section

If you want to register a marriagein the family list section, you and the prospective spouse must submit the following documents:

An electronically signed application may be submitted only to the family list department in which the marriage is intended to be registered.

When submitting an application in person, as well as prior to registration of the marriage, prospective spouses shall present a valid personal identification document. In the case of an electronically signed application, the identity document will have to be produced before the marriage is registered.

If you need a new personal identity document, you can apply for documents electronically by using e-service on the portal.The issue of personal identification document logor in person in one of the territorial chapters of the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs (PMLP).