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To arrange the formalities of a child

Almost every woman 's life the moment comes when it becomes a mother. The second half of the event is in the various formalities which must be carried out in the newborn child' s family, for example, you must register the newborn baby, be required to declare the place of residence of a child related benefits, etc.

Mum topošai into medical records to the doctor’ s

No 30 or 32 weeks of pregnancy, the practitioner shall issue sick-leave certificate B, subject to approval by the employer (the self-employed person shall be approved by the same period of incapacity for work). Then mother to-be, which is the employee, self-employed or are self-employed spouse who has voluntarily joined the social insurance, you can receive maternitybenefits.

To log on to receive maternity benefits

claimant (or his plenipotentiary) documents required by the person (an application for the granting of the allowance and sick-leave certificate B) shall be submitted in person, shall be sent by post to any State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) department or the application is submitted in the form of electronic documents (*).

The first part of the allowance is paid for maternity leave 56 or 70 days. Allowance for 70 calendar days shall be paid topošai mother, who has entered into in the medical records. to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

After giving birth to be submitted to the SSIA (issued for the period of maternity leave) the sick-leave certificateB and part of the second benefit is paid. During the period following childbirth allowance may also receive the child 's father or another person who actually takes care of the newborn if the mother of the child died, abandoned the child or children cannot attend for health reasons.

After the birth of a child to have regular medical examinations

before the birth of the child has to be agreed upon, which will be the newborn's family doctor. The family doctor lists can take a look at the national health service Web site.

Registered name

of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) Web site available for consultation with the Latvian population register registered person's name, the projection and originality. It can find out how many people are registered with the name, see what the word Assemblies are organised, as well as become acquainted with a particular word of explanation.

When the child was born, you must register the birth of the child

you can do this in the maternity ward (if maternity house has established cooperation with the general registry office) or the registry office (the parents of one or both of the place of residence within one month after the birth of a child arrives at the registry office and register the newborn).

In order to carry out the registration of newborn child:

report: parents' Passport; if the parents of a child consists in mutual marriage – marriage certificate; To be submitted: the child's birth certificate of medical treatment institution; if the parents of a child marriage is not – an application for recognition of paternity.

If a child born in Latvia, one parent is a citizen of another country

after the birth of the child registration to one of the parents of a child shall submit a submission to the statistical data from a child with a request to grant Latvian citizenship and personal identity number. Wait for the decision of the OCMA. On the basis of that Decision shall be issued by the Civil Registry Office child ’s birth certificate with the personal identity number.

After the acquisition of citizenship of Latvia and the parents' wishes may acquire national citizenship of the other parent, if the other older national legislation allows for dual citizenship. On the other national citizenship, so that parents be informed of the presentation of statistical data from population registers may update information on the other nationality. This procedure does not affect the child of Latvian citizens and legal relations with the Republic of Latvia "shall be considered solely as a citizen of Latvia.

In order to check whether the data on newborn babies are correctly registered in

the Population Register, using the e-services„My data population registers”.

Registration of place of residence

registration after birth of the child was one of the parents of a child shall take the place of residence of the child of the local government declaration on the spot where the new place of residence, the institution for the declaration of a place of residence or by using the e-services „submission of a declaration of a place of residence”.

If you plan to travel abroad

If you plan to go travelling, make sure you sign up for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Register, to most likely to receive consular assistance in emergency situations, but if you plan to travel abroad for more than six months, then a person has a duty to inform the State of the address of the new place of residence of the OCMA (read more instructionsin How to electronically record the place of residence outside of Latvia?”).

To facilitate border crossing Passport OCMA may be obtained free of charge to record a child under the age of 18 years. For more information see OCMA Web sitehere.

Childbirth allowance

when the child reaches the age of eight days, and it has been awarded the personal identity number, one of the parents of a child requires the SSIA birth grant (lump-sum allowance, which can be claimed within one year of birth of the child or the establishment of guardianship days if the child taken under the tutelage of up to one year old) in person, by post or by submitting a request for the granting of an allowance in the form of electronic documents (*).

Paternity benefit

If a new-born child's father works paid employment and are socially insured, he may receive a childbirth leave amounting to ten calendar days (to be used until the child is two months of age) and paternity benefits. To get them until the child is 2 months of age, the father of newbornchild documents required (a submission regarding granting of a benefit; the employer 's proof of being on leave due to childbirth ) issubmitted personally or through the mediation of a plenipotentiary in any SSIA department, shall be sent by post or electronic document format (*).

Child care allowance for

child care allowance is granted in one of the parents or guardian, who takes care of a child at the time, if the person is not an employed or self-employed person, on child care up to 2 years of age. If a person shall receive maternity benefits, and then starts to pay from the date of birth of the child. For children aged from 1 to 2 years ago, care shall also be granted where the person is employed. The claimant or by the plenipotentiary through a request for the granting of the allowance shall be submitted to the onsite or send any SSIA department via mail or electronic document format (*).

Parental benefit –

If the claimant on the date the benefit is awarded is employed (is considered an employee or self-employed), and are available:

  • one of the parents of a childwho is on parental leave or not deriving income as a self-employed person;
  • one of the adoptive parents sothat the care and supervision of the prior approval of adoption before the Court of Justice of the Orphan's court decision was handed over to the child to be adopted;
  • member, who signed a four-year contract with the local government;
  • a guardian or another personwho, according to a decision of the Orphan's court actually takes care of children and bringing up, if that person shall be placed on unpaid leave granted in connection with the need to look after children or do not generate income as self-employed,

then 12 months from the date of the materialisation of the date of award (parental leave) shall submit an application for the granting of parental allowance, personally or through the mediation of a plenipotentiary on arrival at any SSIA department, by post or electronic document format (*).

Parental benefit shall be granted in respect of children, who, in connection with or care has been granted maternity benefit or child care allowance for the same period.

State family allowance

Family allowance is requested by one of the child's parents, guardian or, in accordance with the actual child rearer of the Orphan's court decision, when the child reaches the age of 1. The allowance is requested by submitting an application for the granting of the allowance, personally attending (or, in accordance with the mediation of a plenipotentiary) SSIA department, by post or electronic document format (*). The allowance shall be granted also to the child after 18 years of age, if not before he had been in custody.

There are cases when local government allowances for

the government provides with the birth of a child related benefits. For example , Rigamunicipality a lump sum benefit in the family of a child is entitled to the citizens of the Republic of Latvia, non-citizens and aliens who have been granted personal identity number and declared primary place of residence of not less than the last 12 months before childbirth is the administrative territory of Riga City Self-government. This allowance shall be drawn up in the general registry offices in Riga, registering the birth of the child. More about the benefits of this kind asks in her government.

Tax relief

The minor child maintenance are entitled to tax relief, because of the State Revenue Service piesaki her newborn baby as your dependent person. For more information on how to do this, you get Guide„ How is the State Revenue Service electronically notify the persons under guardianship taxbenefit?”.

The procedures specified in the kindergarten Jaundzimušo government announcing

it is possible to sign up for kindergarten:

* If you are planning benefits request electronically

then the form must be prepared in accordance with the 2005 Act of 28 June Cabinet regulation No. 473 ( 17) states that authority, within one working day to the e-mail address from which the received electronic document, you must send notice of receipt of electronic documents), signed with secure electronic signature and sent to SSIA to the e-mail address