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As credit institutions to ensure that the person 's income

When you design a loan or leasing, credit institution is almost always asks an obligor to present the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) a statement regarding the obligor’ s salary. The first to go to the SSIA debtor, request a certificate, then go to a credit institution and finally draw up the credit request. This process at the SSIA customer you can do so much faster, cheaper and simpler, in addition, a credit institution may provide your customer support inquiries.

The person to a credit institution during the on-site visit, have the opportunity to obtain information regarding the person's salary (wages, employers), for example, in order to enable it to provide the necessary information for a decision regarding the granting of credits or leasing, credit institution must ensure the access to the computer and authenticate on the portal Customer Portal, you mustselect an e-service „For more information aboutthe social insurance contributions and periods of insurance” (available from 1996 July).

After the references requested by the preparation (it is made at a time portal), there was a credit institution may introduce a credit institution 's representative to the customer service, the information gathered, as well as, if necessary, a statement.