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Where to look for me, the employer shall pay the taxes

Working in commercial, a man sometimes it is doubtful whether the employer pays for her all the statutory duties – state social insurance mandatory payments and personal income tax. Social security data for each is important, because of them depend on the size of pensions, sickness and other benefits.
An employee can keep track of each month employer’s contribution and to ensure that taxes are paid for him, using:
  1. State Social Insurance Agency ( SSIA) or electronic services offered by the 
  2. State Revenue Service electronic declaration system ( SRS Electronic Declaration).

Using the SSIA e-services

  • For more information about the social insurance contributions, and periods of insurance contribution payers (employers, or national budget payments) – portal pick e-service “Information on social insurance contributions and periods of insurance”. This service data will be available starting in 1996.
  • Using the e-services„ For more information onthe withheld income tax”, it is possible to receive information on the previous accounting year (with effect from 2010 onwards) SSIA income tax withheld and transferred from the pension or allowance. The information useful for filling in the declaration of income.
If you browse the data obtained from the failures or errors are detected the inaccuracies shall be informed of the SSIA. Of the contributions made, it depends on what will be in the future pensions or benefits, which will be given to the SSIA and the sooner the SSIA will receive information, the faster it will eliminate the uncertainty and the sooner people will be sorted his social situation, in order to receive a pension or allowance, which he really deserves.

Using the SRS Electronic Declaration

The employer shall pay each month, the State Revenue Service of the two types of taxes:
  • state social insurance mandatory payments (employer and employee contribution);
  • personal income tax.
When you want to continuewith the SRS Electronic Declaration on the left, select the „Reports ”(NMDS).
Select the section About NM at least the employers' imputed social security and withholding income tax during the taxation year, where you can go online to request a report on the employer:
  • calculated state social insurance compulsory contributions; 
  • the withheld personal income tax.
That way you can keep track of each month employer’ s contribution and be sure of the payment of taxes.