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How do I get some money on the eligibility of expenditure

If you perform a variety of payments for education, medical or other eligible payments, you have the opportunity to voluntarily by submitting to the SRS the annual income declaration, to be part of the amount of money paid back. You can recover the money on the eligibility of expenditure, which are made and for which annual income declaration is accompanied by the relevant corroborative documents (for example, payment vouchers: receipt, cheque, payment order, account statement), which certifies the payment of the eligible expenditure and which contains your or your family member 's name, surname and personal identity number and type of expenditure effected.

In order to receive reimbursement of eligible expenditure 

should be used by the State Revenue Service electronic declaration system ( SRS Electronic Declaration), where they fill out the disposal of the declaration, the SRS data available will be automatically loaded by facilitating the return form and by reducing the possibility of mistakes being made, thus ensuring quicker tax refund or if there is a chance to turn to onsite in one of the SRS nodaļām.Vairāk on annual income declaration read here.

The eligible expenditure:

  • expenditure on education and medicinal services and health insurance premium payments to insurance company established and operate in accordance with the insurance company and their Supervision Law; 
  • the donations and gifts to the budgetary authority or association, foundation, religious organisations, which has been granted public benefit organisation status; 
  • the payment of contributions into private pension funds; 
  • payment of insurance premiums for life insurance contract (with accumulation of funds); 
  • investment fund investment certificates, if these certificates to the acquisition cost tax payers have owned at least 60 months. 

The submission of annual income declaration 

to SRS EDS homepage of the section "Prepare a new document” or on the left, click Documents, where you choose or declaration for the purposed of the Forms toolbar or File (in this case, you can upload an XML or DUF format, in accordance with the SRS description).
If the declaration purposed from the Forms toolbar, select the„ Individual income tax documents ”and „annual income declaration”. Next you' ll choose a taxation period and to complete a form that will help with different issues which will be necessary to fill out forms. Attached to the declaration also present documents certifying the relevant eligible expenditure and receipts (ieskanētus or taken).
Whereas, repayment may be entitled to the account, then it is imperative to provide your bank account.

The declaration need not be completed in one

of the Declaration it is recommended to use the“Save without verification”, for example, when the invoice declaration is not yet completed and will continue to fill it later.
When the declaration fully completed, it is necessary to carry out activities in the „Validate and Save ”to see that all required fields are filled out and the absence of a mistake.
„ Statuscolumn, you can view the status of declarations, particularly if the declaration does not contain the error, see„ Done submission ”.

To complete the submission of a declaration

after declaration successfully completed, then in the „Data”, it should be noted that you want to submitit. Fill in the submission form and specify the following declaration type – a first-time document or clarified, andpress the button to submit. Any declaration made when it will be included in the SRS data base, the status willchange to" Accepted ".

The receipt of the eligible expenditure

of the Declaration will be dealt with the SRS inspectors, and, if there are shortcomings in eligible expenditure, the SRS will transfer to the specified account for 3 months.
If the SRS found some loopholes, then you will be sent to the information that the annual income declaration to be clarified. It will be necessary to carry out the declaration and the submission of declarations, it should be noted that it is the updated version.