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To obtain information about a specific place where allegations of crimes and incidents

Security is important to our well-being, joy and peace. Security, we often take for granted and don 't think consciously about it until they are not facing an unpleasant incident. Using the e-services provided by the Ministry of the Interior, you have the opportunity to obtain information on what is happening in the territory, which are or intend to stay, to assess the situation, to prepare for hazard and risk prevention possible, thereby selecting as a safer environment for their and their family life, for work, leisure.

Information about the crimes and incidents that

are stored in the Ministry of the Interior and the people of the Single Event Log with this information can be consulted electronically. With the events of any event that threatens the person or public safety (for example, the riots, looting, theft, drug - related offences, of the illicit trafficking, road traffic accidents, accidents on the water, dead grass and forest fires, the whereabouts of missing persons, etc.) and to whom the State Police, Security Police, State Fire and Rescue Service is designed to respond in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and the procedures prescribed by regulatory enactments.

Information is of an informative nature

of the Single Event Log information as input to the authorities involved (the State Police, State Fire and Rescue Service and in the future, the State Border Guard) in the interests of the service information may be reflected in individual events around or neatspoguļota at all.

You can use when selecting the appropriate information obtained

and the safest place for the construction of the house, apartment or rental, taking also into account the available infrastructure and generally more secure environment for children;
  • decision making about additional security for your car, apartment residential house: the car and / or the apartment's alarm necessity; parking options in the garage or in the protected park in order to prevent theft feasibility from a car; coded to set up a system in the front door at the entrance to the house in the stairwell;
  • choosing a safer route to your journey;
  • deciding upon the opportunity to insure their movable and immovable property;
  • insurance companies and security firms prepare specialised and on target groups targeting its service offerings;
  • cooperation with the citizens unlawfully dispose of property, missing believed lost, in search of the occupants of the search, an eyewitness identification;
  • the media in the preparation of press releases and informative materials regarding the events in the territory of Latvia;
  • State and self-government institutions, for example, when deciding on infrastructure opportunities for improvement – road repair, in addition to the lighting installation.
  • If you're some kind of event eyewitness

    If, when reviewing e-pakalpojumā, finds that the information you're some kind of event eyewitness, are invited to inform the State police, calling the telephone number 110 and in addition to calling the event ID or if a specific event data is also specified event izskatošā institution or department, then communicating directly with it.