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How do I know that is declared place of residence in my possession

Sometimes there are situations where there is a need to know who has declared his or her place of residence which is owned by you. For example, when they find in a letter addressed to another person or by buying property with a view to concluding the contract with the manager, should not have to pay management fees on a number of people who really don 't know.

If the immovable property owned by You

To free more information about real estate ownership and the parties choose the e-services portal declared „My owned declared persons”. The service allows you to obtain information about its real estate, registered at their composition, cadastre number, address and registration of citizens, who have the force of the place of residence (declared or upon the initiative of the institution registered place of residence) of that property addresses.

If the immovable property if you do not belong to

the immovable property does not yet belong to you, but before the acquisition you want to know that it has declared his or her place of residence, asks for the e-services to carry out an apartment owner e-pakalpojumā and show you the results obtained.