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How do I check the other declared place of residence of a person address

There are situations when you receive a product or service, for example, a discount in an area resident, or through contractual agreements, institution or company can request a residence a certified statement relating to the address of the declared place of residence. However, there is a solution as any – resident, institution or company itself may be obtained free of charge by electronic means, directly online, verify that the resident of the specified address is correct.

Checking the declared place of residence

Free e-service „Check whether a person is declared for the specified address” - when you record a personal identity number and resident of the address of the declared place of residence, an e-service provides an opportunity to perform a free test - or a member of the information provided on the residence of the population register coincides with the declared place of residence of a person's address. In this way, any directly online, you can verify your address of the place of residence or the person has pointed out correctly.
The service isfree" person 's place ofresidence of the local government at the beginning of the current year "- provides the option by typing the name, surname and personal identity number, to clarify the current year Local Government, which were originally specified persons resident in the following breakdown: Riga, Liepaja, Ventspils, none of these three municipalities.

A statement regarding the declared place of residence

in the skin in the undertaking or establishment if you are asked to submit or present a certified statement relating to the address of the declared place of residence, then inform and invite them to use this digital opportunity.
However, if you have until now, you have requested such a certificate from their customers, think about the service improvement, helping customers to receive services easier and perhaps for this convenience the customer will be asked to choose direct your service.
While this solution may allow you to maintain the required transaction security level - you directly online can get up-to-date information from population registers.