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Where you can create and find information about cultural objects launched by the search

If you 're a valuable inventory of movable cultural objects (paintings, icons, vases, etc.) owner, possibly a special attention to their safe confinement, in a variety of valuable pieces of art are particularly coveted by thieves. As described in this guide Information Centre of Ministry of Interior e-services to insure against theft and will not be able to give support to the risks, but then, in case your precious piece of art was stolen.

Describes the creation of cultural objects

To create and save your own cultural objects (including piece of art) standardized descriptions and photos so they could be submitted to law enforcement agencies in the case of loss ofcultural objects, use the e-services “description”.
There is no need to specify a description of personal data, object value and location. Information about cultural objects will not be available to national authorities or third parties, because all data is stored only in the e-service user (your) in the specified data storage device. The object in the case of loss of its owner or keeper may personally submit e-service usage resulting description and photos to law enforcement authority of the object’ s search advertising.

Determining the status of the cultural object

To view information (object name, type, datējumu, country of origin, etc.) launched by the search for Latvia, withdrawn and recovered cultural objects, use the e-services„determining the status of cultural objects”.
An e-service can be useful for Latvian and foreign owners, holders of cultural objects, antique shops, law enforcement agencies. E-service may identify the cultural object, make it difficult for the illegal trade and transport, as well as the promotion of cultural objects the owner and keeper opportunities to identify and recover their stolen / lost cultural objects.
If you want information about stolen cultural objects were published e-pakalpojumā „determining thestatus of cultural objects”, write a submission ( see aSample Application), the signatures it with a secure electronic signature and, together with the stolen object photo dispatched tothe State Police official e-mail address

If it is found in the description of the inaccuracy of cultural objects

has turned to law enforcement authority (at the (criminal) directing the proceedings), which had been told about the cultural object, be informed of the error and by providing relevant data correction.