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One of the e-Skills for offers a library

Free internet and free-access computer

825 In each of the Latvian public libraries, users can use the Internet and free-access computer free of charge. Library premises, both within and outside its borders – buildings, where the design of the building permits, you can use a wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) connection (also before / after settlement of its working time).
Librarians have been prepared to provide advice and consultation on the computer and internet users – for beginners as well as to help everyone matters pertaining to both the search for information on the Web and Internet data base, both with the use of e-services.
His closest library You can find a library of Latvia portal or, if you're in the smartphone user via a free mobile app for that with the name „Cultural card” is available applications in shops or internet site This application designed for all popular platforms - Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone and Google Android.

If you're already as a user libraries

If you're logged in as a user in an official State-level library or university, or the library, then to creating the books, periodicals, etc. you can search for and order at a distance:

Publications and information

Publications and information that we ever have been able to receive only a library, is now available free of charge on the Internet You as a convenient location and time:
  • Latvian National Library offers a digital library, where there's digitised newspapers, pictures, maps, books, music and sound record collections. As a whole collection is available in 22, of which 2 are available onsite libraries. 
  • The National museum holdings catalogue brings together all the Latvian accredited museums of the single information space, where you can obtain basic information on more than 700 000 museum holdings of objects. 

Copyright protection

In order to protect copyright public library on the Internet visits are possible:
  • site watch Latvian cultural canon kinodarbus included, as well as others were in Latvia spēlfilmas, animations, documentaries and student films offered by the National Film Centre. 
  • read portal It offers a search for and work with information that can be found in the 11 encyclopedias and other reference resources, 13 dictionaries (tulkojošajās, explanatory, terminology), collections, with 10 000 images, audio recordings and video material, Latvian literature library with 200 full-text literary works and language support files. The portal allows you to know the culture, literature, nature, history, geography, people, language. It is an integral part of the Latvian cultural canon. Video - What is the home of Letonika?.
  • to use free of charge to Lursoft Newspaper library (, which is the central and regional periodicals and publications, news articles. It also includes LATLEX’ Laws ”data base. 
  • The largest public library also provides users with free access to international resources. Most of the library subscribestoEBSCO (, which is an all-purpose publication of the full text of the database. Whereas international resources offer is different in different libraries, each of their interest in his library. 

The library today is no longer just a book and expenditure, but the place of storage

that connects people with knowledge, information, the outside world, helps the seeker and support entrepreneurs, serves as a regional cultural centres and helps you learn new skills. Libraries are open and accessible to any user who visited the library to find answers to questions and implement their ideas.