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Where I was going back on a trip outside of Latvia

Every person in my life has travelled on one trip outside of Latvia – in the not-so-distant, longer or shorter. However, in the world 's various disasters, which tends to make it difficult to return home, such as floods, fires, etc. But do you know that Latvia has created a single register for the country to know where what is gone, and so those people be able to provide consular assistance in extremis.

Registration, entering information about yourself, as well as the person to whom to notify an accident

can be carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Registerhome page, the registration is voluntary and free of charge.

If registration is successful,the password is sent to your e-mail provider. To complete the registration e-mail will need to activate the specified authorization website. The Consular Register below you can connect with your e-mail provider and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a password.

You can then take the travel registration

Edit personal datais possible to change the access password. If the profile is not used for two years, it is deleted from the consular register. Similarly, in this section, you can change information about yourself and the person to whom to notify accidents.
Under Add the next country you must specify the country to which you plan to travel as well as residence address and the planned period of residence abroad. If you add in several foreign countries, within the framework of each country separately.
In Travel ListYou can view, that you have registered in the Consular Register. If you travel you' re going alone, in this section, you can add information about people who travel together.


  • The three months after the expiry date of your journey, information on the tour will be deleted.
  • You must specify the precise information so that, if you need consular assistance, You or Your specified person could find.