E-pakalpojumu saites

What is Official Electronic Address (e-address)?

E-address is a tool for secure communication for citizens and businesses with state and local authorities. By activating your e-address, you will receive all the information from the state and local authorities online that was previously sent to your declared home address. You will be able to receive news electronically from anywhere in the world where there is internet access by simply logging into Latvija.lv.


How can you start using e-address (how to create it)?

To start using (to create) e-address, you must apply by filling out an application form, which you can find in the link provided at the bottom of this page (click on “Go to the application form”). Unified Authentication module will appear on the screen as you will have to verify your identity with one of the following tools, to create e-address: eID card, eParaksts or eParaksts Mobile. Further, you need to follow a few simple steps, that will be described on the screen and the e-address will be created.


How can I access the e-address mailbox?

Citizens and entrepreneurs can access their e-address mailbox through authentication on Latvija.lv website. In case of an e-address, you will need to use eID card, eParaksts or eParaksts Mobile (a mobile app that will allow you to identify yourself without an eID card but just as securely) to prove your identity. Then, by using the "My Working Place" link, you will be taken directly to the mailbox of the e-address.


Can I access e-address using my bank authentication?

The e-address cannot be accessed using bank authentication, as none of the banks have yet passed the statutory security certification. Nevertheless, an equally convenient alternative to bank authentication (using your smartphone), is to connect to e-address using eParaksts Mobile which is a free state-run app and is available for everyone. To start using eParaksts Mobile, go to www.eparaksts.lv and fill the application. eParaksts Mobile is a tool which is maintained by the state authority and like eID meets the highest security requirements.


Can I access e-address from my mobile phone?

Yes and this is the case when you definitely need eParaksts Mobile. In this case you will not be able to use eID card , since it is impossible to connect the card reader to your phone. Therefore, open Latvija.lv on your phone and select eParaksts mobile for authentication, which will allow you to confirm your identity using the eParaksts Mobile app installed on your phone. Information about signing up for eParaksts Mobile can be found at www.eparaksts.lv


How do I find out that I have received a letter in the e-address?

After activating the e-address, you will be offered to provide an email address to which you will receive notifications for each new letter received in e-address.


Is e-address mandatory?

The citizens use of e-address is voluntarily. The e-address can be activated in portal Latvija.lv at any time, as well as, it can be deactivated at any time, afterwards letters sent from the authorities will be received at the declared home address again.

Entrepreneurs can start using e-address voluntarily from the moment it is available, however, starting from 2020, use of the e-address for entrepreneurs will be mandatory. In addition, once the entrepreneur has activated e-address it will no longer be possible to deactivate it.


To who can I send letters from my e-address?

Every resident or entrepreneur from his e-address will be able to send letters to state and local authorities. Citizens and entrepreneurs cannot send e-address letters to each other.


How can I help to improve e-address during its pilot test?

If you plan to apply for an e-address or you have already created an e-address during the pilot test (will be held till the end of December 2018), then, upon receiving the latvija.lv portal "My working place" -> "Correspondence" -> "Received" greeting report for creation of e-address, in the attachment you will see additional information with a link to the questionnaire. To express your opinion about e-address, you can fill out this questionnaire - it is anonymous and does not have many questions, and your opinion will help to improve the usability of e-address.
If you forgot to submit your recommendations in the questionnaire or you did not complete it at all, you can also send your recommendations to the e-mail: portals@vraa.gov.lv. Specialists responsible for improving the e-address will certainly receive and evaluate them.


If you want to create an e-address, click on the "Go to the application form" button.