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State Regional Development Agency had 2017 of the statistical summary

The new e-news collects portal Latvija.lv. Raim.gov.lv Geolatvija.lv annual figures, and, as well as provide information regarding the integration of the Single login module of the national authorities the use of portals, Payment Module document integration environment and the exchange of data between national authorities.

E-services E-News published in the TOP 2017. the number of times a year after they have been initiated, payment amount and payment of the number of times. In the first places e-services “Disk dialog box, the Invalid Document Register”,“ Customs payments on-line mode ”, “Real estate tax payment online”.

From 2008 to 2017 – 142 million times and e-services launched in the number of unique users reached 806 thousand.

While the most highly rated in the context of the public service description is “Electronic login studies undergraduate programmes” and the most highly rated their life situation description is“ How do I know what is my address of the declared place of residence? ”

Up to 2017. the login module is integrated into the 43 portals and payment module is 41 in the public service.

E-news statistical summary of the year 2017.


State Regional Development Agency e-news published once ceturksnī. 2018 December 1. the number is expected in April.

State Regional Development Agency shall ensure and maintain portal the www.latvija.lv , www.viss.gov.lv , www.geolatvija.lv , www.eis.gov.lv , www.raim.gov.lv operation and development.
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